ZeitRaum - journey through time and space

In this room, you can review past events and evoke concepts of the future. Take all the time that you need. We will equip you with everything you require, so that your ideas can optimally reach the audience.

ZeitRaum details
First floor
112 sqm, 172 sqm or 182 sqm
Up to max. 150 people depending on seating arrangement
Depending on room configuration, foyer can be booked for coffee breaks
Natural light

ZeitRaum with open foyer

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Rolf Brauchle
"Real, impressive, meditative"

opening day with the artist:
12th October 2018 
- 6 pm 

12th of October 2018 until
01st of February 2019

Opening hours:
Mo-Fr 9 am - 5 pm
So 10 am - 2 pm only on request under: 07641 - 9620 779