IdeenRaum - boundless productivity

Hold uninterrupted training sessions or have a confidential meeting with your team about the challenges ahead. During breaks, coffee will be served in the foyer, and the covered balcony provides the opportunity to get a breath of fresh air.

IdeenRaum details
First floor
50 sqm
Up to max. 30 people depending on seating arrangement
Foyer for coffee breaks, and covered balcony
Natural light


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Rolf Brauchle
"Real, impressive, meditative"

opening day with the artist:
12th October 2018 
- 6 pm 

12th of October 2018 until
01st of February 2019

Opening hours:
Mo-Fr 9 am - 5 pm
So 10 am - 2 pm only on request under: 07641 - 9620 779